First day of summer: 6/20/17

what’s that old saying–“a good rain and a baby calf are always welcome”  well today we got both–or at least last night we got both

over 2.5 inched of rain and Norma Jean had her first calf,

because it was Juneteenth we named him or her Freedom.  Cool huh???

I will post pictures when we get them.

summer is going good, wheat is out, corn in ready to eat, Payton and Kaley are here with me today and it is not as hot as it was last week.

summer, watermelon, lake, picnic, camp grannE in 11 days and vacations!!!

Thank you Lord for all you give us and help us to give you the credit You deserve!!


ok, today Max and I have been married for 49 —–49 years!

49 years ago was a Saturday and we were very prepared, church was ready, dress was ready, I was ready, were you ready Max(?), mom and dad were ready, attendants were ready and then we wait—wedding is in the evening. wait and wait, I worked on a table I was refinishing for my soon to be mother-in-law–messed up my nails and fixed them then everyone but Dad and I leave for the church. Dad and I leave and on the way he says “you know it is still not too late to change your mind, you are young.” I say “I am sure, daddy.” and Daddy says” just know if you go thru with this you can’t run home to momma and me, this is forever.” I agree and we go to the church. pictures, family and a short sweet wedding. I still remember that smile when I started down the aisle, and Max smiled and winked at me and that was it!!! the kiss was just as great, small kiss then quickly another one!!! wow you still got it Max 49 years

Dogs I have loved

This is going to be an add on site, I have many loves to list and I am sure you guys have stories and loves to add,

Today, I am adding a new love–one I have not met, she has no name and we are expecting her tomorrow.  When I thanked Max for the flowers for my anniversary, I thought when he said we were waiting for “delivery” it was the flowers (which as of this morning are still nice) but what he was talking about was the new AKC German Shepherd puppy he got me!!!

So, updates and dog stories will follow. . . . .

Hermana (means sister) is such a smart, pretty, loving puppy!!  I love her and she is just a little spoiled–like my grandchildren!

I spend a lot more time outside these days, letting her train me!   The kids love her to, although, Payton is scared of her–her little sharp milk teeth are wicked!! My arms are a testimony to that!!  She sits, stays and shakes hands, she love eggs and sausage treats and loves Wilma.

now Wilma is another story, she is the homely-ist dog I have ever seen, her head is too small and her neck is as large as her head–so large her collar falls off over her ears!!  She also talks!  She can make sounds that sound like “i wuv you” and ” I miss you”–so weird!

Wilbur cannot be bothered by Hermana, she is just a pest and he puts her in her place very often.  In spite of that she does not seem to fear him!

Hermana has her third round of shots tomorrow so I go home to wash puppy and try to keep her clean until tomorrow==wish me luck.

I also have Kaley and Liz this week so that may be more fun/trouble-washing them all!

48 and counting

Today is our anniversary, 48 years,

Really can it be that long, in many ways if seems like yesterday that we spent the day getting ready, my hair done, and nails, (they needed it, I had just refinished and stained  Memaw’s end table and piano stool) how did you spend the day, Max?

Daddy and I drove into town alone and he said “it’s not too late to back out, but if you don’t, you can not run home to Daddy anymore.”  I told him I was sure about it.

The Wedding —don’t remember a lot, Uncle Virgil sang the Lords Prayer and it was beautiful, we had roses for our mothers, a memory candle and the service was super short.

I remember this great smile and wink from Max as I came down the isle, wow, he had me at the smile.

We practically ran out of the building, smiling and laughing.  Charlie tried to kidnap me because his daddy did momma that way on her wedding day, Max was warned though and they nearly pulled me into!

They chased us out of town and we wrecked Doyle’s brother-in-law’s new Caddy!! No one was hurt and we finally left town for Clovis — The King’s Inn.  (now there is a story in a story)

We stayed at Red River in the mountains and it was wonderful.  Several strange things happened on this trip, we laughed a lot, learned a little about stuff, but mostly we just were together and that has not changed, we are not the couple to go our separate ways, we do things together–sometimes work and things keep us busy and apart, but when we go to have fun–it is always together or as a family.

Looking back, what I remember most is the laughter–even when we were hearing ugly stuff from next door–we can laugh about it now.  It is part of “our” story.

and thanks for the lovely flowers, Max!!!!

things i do NOT do:

I got this from KC:  things I do NOT do:


bananas (unless they’re in pudding)

recreational drugs

store brand Velveeta

other people’s toes

underwire bras


other peoples wounds and

small enclosed places



here is my list of things I do NOT do:

let people touch  my neck


Stephen King Movies (it ruins the books for me)

go without my helmet on the bike

eat fried green tomatoes

drugs, smoking

and leave a donut uneaten

lets face it I do most everything I should not do!!!


now, add your own things I do not do!!!!




letter from Aunt Rene

“don’t ask me why that one person, the one you give more to than all others,

because more is asked and least acknowledged,

and still gives you a guiltily conscience for not giving more,

which conflicts with the guilt about not, therefore, having

more time for deserving, appreciative others………just don’t ask”